Los Angeles Times: The Bomb Is Da Bomb

Pulitzer prize winner Dan Neil reviewed ATOMIC PLATTERS: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security in last Sunday's (10/30/2005) Los Angeles Times Magazine (latimes.com date 10/28/2005). Neil's weekly 800 Words column looks at arts and pop culture and the connections between "high and low, avant-garde and old guard, ancient and modern."

"This and many more moments of ironic fallout are included in "Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security,"a darkly amusing collection of songs, civil defense messages and short films about the commie bomb. Assembled by the preservationists of Conelrad.com... "Atomic Platters" takes us to a zany yet oddly familiar land of galloping paranoia, where shadows are etched in concrete and happiness is a warm bomb shelter."

"With the bombing of Japan not so far in the background, a lot of this stuff seems barbarously insensitive, or at least in bad taste, but the American public saw things differently. "The media of the day was very successful portraying the bomb as some kind of silver bullet that ended the war early," says Conelrad co-founder and editor Bill Geerhart. "The bomb was seen as a saving grace."

"Atomic Platters" maintains its bemused distance, preferring to focus on curiosities of the save-the-hat variety. "We don't dwell on the polemics of the bomb," says Geerhart. "We're simply trying to preserve the pop culture impressions left by the bomb."

See the Los Angeles Times for the complete article:
800 Words: The Bomb Is Da Bomb

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