Crossing The Line - A film by Daniel Gordon
Defectors on DVD: Crossing The Line & Oswald's Ghost

Defectors bandJanuary is proving to be a banner month for DVDs about notorious American defectors.
We told you about CROSSING THE LINE
back in October when it had its theatrical run in Los Angeles. Now, thanks to home video, anyone can see this remarkable documentary about U.S Army Private First Class James Joseph Dresnok and his adopted homeland of North Korea. Director Daniel Gordon's surreal examination of Dresnok's existence in the DPRK 40+ years after his defection is like watching science fiction. Indeed, Dresnok is something akin to an astronaut speaking to the audience from an alien world. Gordon's film belongs on the medium of DVD because there will be plenty of times when the viewer will want to pause and replay a particularly strange scene (such as the clips of Dresnok acting in North Korean propaganda movies). CONELRAD urges its readers to check this movie out. And, yes, it is on Netflix

Also out on DVD this month is Robert Stone's examination of the impact of the Kennedy assassination, Oswald's Ghost.
Oswald's Ghost - PBS The American Experience
President Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, like CROSSING THE LINE's Dresnok, defected to a communist country as a young man. Unlike Dresnok, Oswald returned to the United States (from Russia) three years after renouncing his citizenship. Stone's film provides an abundance of fascinating archival footage that has rarely been seen.

There are a number of "talking head" commentators featured in the film (including Priscilla Johnson McMillan who is probably the only American journalist to have interviewed Oswald in Russia), but none quite as interesting or purposeful as Norman Mailer who acts as a
kind of surrogate for both the conspiracy and the lone gunman believers. The late author's final reasoning for why he believes Oswald acted alone is pure Mailer.
Crossing The Line DVD back cover

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