TV Guide cover for debut broadcast of AMERIKA, February 15, 1987
Happy 20th Anniversary AMERIKA!

Novelization of the ABC mini-series AMERIKAToday marks the historic 20th anniversary of the premiere of one of the most controversial and boring miniseries in broadcast history: AMERIKA. Indeed, it was on February 15, 1987 that ABC unleashed the 14- 1/2 hour (including commercials) meditation on what the United States might look like ten years into a Soviet occupation. Writer-Director Donald Wrye's (BORN INNOCENT; ICE CASTLES ) vision of this strange future resembles something akin to DYNASTY as written by Tolstoy. While you wrap your head around that unlikely concept, rest assured that CONELRAD will be posting an exhaustive feature on this largely forgotten Kris Kristofferson vehicle later in the year. We have been poring over various Amerikana (video, newspaper clips, scripts, a novelization and even the official soundtrack!) so that you donít have to.

While awaiting the fruits of our intense research labors, please enjoy this bloated ABC promotional trailer for AMERIKA. And if you want to see this undeniable landmark of Cold War popular culture released in all its glory on DVD, get involved in the democratic process that Kristoffersonís character fought so hard to re-claim: Contact Anchor Bay (the last company brave enough to distribute AMERIKA on VHS). You may also wish to vote for AMERIKA on TVShowsOnDVD. Amerika! Amerika! Amerika!
Script, news clippings, video box set, electronic archives - the scene at CONELRAD's AMERIKA research unit

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