New York premiere of INVASION USA, 1952
Take The RED Line: Harvard Cold War Cinema Series!

Finally! A chance to see INVASION, USA and THE RED MENACE (and six other Cold War paranoia classics) in a real theater! If you live anywhere near Cambridge, run, donít walk to the Harvard Film Archive Cinematheque beginning on February 6th. In addition to a stellar line-up of atom-age movies chosen by Village Voice critic J. Hoberman, the Archive will be playing selections from the Bear Family/CONELRAD co-production, Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security, for pre-show ambience. Who knows when or if you will ever get another opportunity to see Gerald Mohr fight bad-accented Communist invaders on the big screen? Standing for the Soviet anthem in the ABC mini-series AMERIKASo do yourself a favor and skip the latest Ebert & Roeper-approved multiplex mediocrities and check out something truly unique. Besides, if there is enough interest the Archive may decide to make the series an annual event! And in that optimistic spirit, weíll close with some suggestions for 2008: RED DAWN and a 12 hour screening of AMERIKA co-hosted by Patrick Swayze and Kris Kristofferson.

Poetic Horror, Pop Existentialism and Cheap Sci-Fi: Cold War Cinema 1948-1964 at the Harvard Film Archive, 24 Quincy St., Cambridge. February 6-28, $8.

Cold War cool: Harvard film series sets up camp in post-WWII cinema
by Tenley Woodman, Boston Herald, Sunday, February 4, 2007
Bill Geerhart, co-founder of, a site named for the Cold War-era emergency broadcasting system and dedicated to the pop culture of the period, compiled music for the event.

"I think Hollywood was very serious when they made these films," said Geerhart, 42. "(In) 1949, Soviets explode their first atomic bomb. You canít overstate how big an impact that was on the state and the culture."

"Thatís what makes them so fun. They were intended to be serious, but they are just so over the top," Geerhart said.
Earth's first expedition to Mars discovers the radioactive ruins of a Martian atomic war in the film ROCKETSHIP XM, 1950

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