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Watch & Listen: History Channel & Platters Podcast

CONELRAD makes its basic cable debut tomorrow (Friday 12/8/2006) with the Duck and Cover episode of the History Channel's new original series 'Our Generation.' Hosted by resident historian Steve Gillon the series "tells the stories of the unforgettable events that defined the Baby Boomer generation and changed the world." CONELRAD co-founder and creative director Ken Sitz was interviewed earlier this year about the 'Golden Age of Homeland Security' and CONELRAD generously provided archival audio and images for the production. The announced air times are Friday, December 8 at 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM and Sunday, December 10 at 8:30 AM.
The Boomer Generation was the first to live with the real threat of mutually assured destruction. From the beginning of the cold war and Sputnik to the hair-raising reality of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the potential of nuclear proliferation became a way of life. Growing up with the knowledge that, at a touch of a button, millions of people could be killed was one of the most formative experiences for young Boomers.
History Channel's Our Generation: Duck and Cover

Co-founder and editor Bill Geerhart returns to the Internet 'air' today with a new edition of the CONELRAD Cafe podcast devoted to Atomic Platters 'That Didn't Fit' on the 5 CD box Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security. As a special treat Geerhart presents competing versions of the post-attack presidential radio address from the landmark TV film THE DAY AFTER.


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Helpful on screen reminder and lesson learned from Orson Welles - this is just a simulation, 'An Attack is Not Taking Place' - from CD film narrated by Glenn Ford A Day Called X.

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