Poster for the 1964 GOP presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater - subject of a new HBO documentary
Goldwater, Godzilla and the BBC

There are several important Cold War-centric happenings in the media world, so let's get right to them:

A "DAISY" OF A DOCUMENTARY: CC Goldwater's excellent documentary MR. CONSERVATIVE on her late grandfather, Senator Barry Goldwater, premieres on HBO Monday (9/18) night at 9PM. The program offers a wealth of archival footage that is sure to delight Cold War politcal wonks. Please tune in.

GODZILLA LIVES!: Sony Wonder has just released the definitive edition of the original GODZILLA motion picture, GOJIRA, on a deluxe two-DVD set (with an insightful 12-page essay by Steve Ryfle). In addition to the atomically alegorical Japanese-made GOJIRA (Ishiro Honda, 1954), the package also includes the edited, 1956 Americanized version, GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS. This is the familiar version in which Raymond Burr (as reporter Steve Martin) "covers" the monster's rampage. Anderson Cooper, eat your heart out.

GREENE AND CONELRAD ON THE BEEB: This alert goes out to our friends in the UK and insomniac Americans who wish to listen to a stream of the broadcast. BBC Radio 2 will be airing a two-part documentary on September 19th and the 26th entitled COMING IN FROM THE COLD hosted by Jeremy Vine and produced by Simon Jacobs. CONELRAD's Bill Geerhart and conservative folk artist Janet Greene, among many others, were interviewed for this fascinating special. The program is archived here .

There, you're all caught up!

French film poster for the original release of GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS

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