Happy Fifth Birthday CONELRAD!

July 16, 2004 - CONELRAD the website that has been recognized by national media and by academia for its incisive and witty Atomic pop culture analysis turns five today. For Cold War film, music, television, tourism, and SECRETS, CONELRAD is considered one stop shopping for anyone obsessed with this bizarre era of American life.

In its first five years CONELRAD has...

1. Tracked down the couple profiled in a 1959 Life magazine article who spent their honeymoon in a fallout shelter.

2. Co-produced the DVD reissue of the Cold War B-movie classic “Invasion, U.S.A.,” chosen by the New York Times as one of ten notable DVD releases of 2002.

3. Discovered the secret link between Rosemary’s Baby and Bert the Turtle.

4. Spearheaded a campaign to get DUCK AND COVER into the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry.

5. Interviewed many notable Cold War pop culture icons such as the screenwriter for Jack Webb's red scare masterpiece RED NIGHTMARE, the songwriter of the 1962 song Fallout Shelter and many others.

6. Published—for the first time anywhere—President Eisenhower's letter's to private citizens empowering them to lead a post-attack government.

In the coming months CONELRAD will be enhancing its reputation for leaving no radioactive stone unturned with the following activities:

1. The release—in association with Germany’s Bear Family Records—of a box set of Cold War music.

2. A multimedia lecture series entitled "A Brief History of Panic."

3. A Missing Persons Bureau wherein we locate long forgotten Atomic Personalities

4. The definitive production history of the civil defense short “Duck and Cover.”

5. An interview with Miami’s greatest, though long-retired, fallout shelter salesman.

6. An "Atomic Calendar" featuring notable dates in Cold War pop culture history.

7. Expanded film, music, television, book and tourism sections.

CONELRAD welcomes any press inquiries on its past, present or future!

[A PDF copy of this press release available here]

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