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CONELRAD: Atomic Platters | Oswald: Self Portrait in Red [1964]
Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security
self-portrait or sketch comedy?

Copyright 1964 by the Information Council of the Americas (INCA)Information Council of Americas
INCA Records
Mastering by Cosimo Recording Studios
Narration by Marshall Pearce

Introduction by the Hon. T. Hale Boggs (D-Louisiana), Congressman from Louisiana and House Majority Whip, in whose District the debate was held, and who supported the INCA TRUTH TAPES program from the outset.

Impression by Dr. Alton Ochsner, world famed surgeon and President of both the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and the Information Council of the Americas (INCA), who perhaps was the only listener who knew of Oswald's defection before the debate.

Analysis by Edward Scannell Butler, Executive Vice-President of INCA and panelist on the fateful evening, who has interviewed scores of refugees from Communist colonies, and who was the only propaganda specialist ever to confront Oswald in person.

This is a 33.1/3 r.p.m. high fidelity recording playback with R.I.A.A. characteristics.
Album cover art by Edward Scannell Butler

- Lee Harvey Oswald, August 21, 1963

With these words, a few weeks before President Kennedy's assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald sketched the indelible outline of this Self-Portrait in Red.


What did Oswald really think of President Kennedy?

Hear the only recorded statement in existence, as Oswald gives his own opinion of President Kennedy.

Was Oswald alone?

Listen to this record, as Oswald defends the Fair Play for Cuba committee. Then decide for yourself.

Was Oswald insane?

Listen to this record... then judge for yourself.

What did Oswald call his enemies?

Hear Oswald pin a label on people he dislikes, and smear the State Department and the CIA.

Whom did Oswald admire?

Hear Oswald's own suggestion, that the United States should have dropped weapons "into the Sierra Maestra where Fidel Castro could have used them."

How did Oswald explain his three years in Russia?

Listen to this record, and hear his revealing reply.

This Album contains the authentic, full, unedited recording of the now famous "Conversation Carte Blanche" interview, originally broadcast live on Radio Station WDSU in New Orleans, just a few weeks before President Kennedy's assassination.

This is the original Oswald Self-Portrait in Red.

Edward Scannell Butler... this pundit's got the groove. Those readers who saw Oliver Stone's film "JFK" may recall a brief scene in which Lee Harvey Oswald is depicted debating a Cuban man in a New Orleans radio studio. As it turns out, this is one of the few factual elements to be represented in Mr. Stone's film. Oswald ACTUALLY did debate a Cuban man (Carlos Bringuier) in a New Orleans radio studio (WDSU) on the evening of August 21, 1963 - just a few weeks prior to assassinating President Kennedy. In fact, the tapes that make up this album were the primary source for Gary Oldman's near-flawless vocal impression of the young assassin (or, if you prefer, patsy).

Despite its garish presentation*, questionable analysis and hyperbolic red-baiting, this is a fascinating historical document that provides invaluable insight into Oswald's narcissism and stupidity. Indeed, after listening to this album, one can't help but wonder whether Oswald, given half a chance, could have gone on to become an eccentric overnight talk show host and not a double murderer.

Find this LP and decide for yourself, but, remember, "Accept No Substitutes."

[ LISTEN to OSWALD - in RealAudio ]

* The cover illustration was not, in fact, a "self portrait," but rather a crude rendering by Edward Scannell Butler, who also happened to be the Executive Vice President of the anti-Communist organization/record label INCA which distributed the album.

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