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If the Bomb Falls

Production Series '68: PSA Spots

Production Series '68: PSA Spot
The cover of this LP screams "mod," but the content and presentation is anything but. The announcer sounds like a fifties civics teacher and the information is a little on the dry side. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a hip, young program director of the era playing PSAs with titles like "Industrial Record Protection" (Band 3, Side 2) in between Hendrix and CCR.

Side One features tracks explaining to the audience how to find radio stations that are designated Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) broadcasters. The EBS replaced CONELRAD as the official medium of atomic war in 1963. But while CONELRAD was fixed at either 640 or 1240 on the AM dial, the EBS could be ANYWHERE on the radio. In one PSA on this record, the announcer says: "In the event of enemy attack, the Emergency Broadcasting System will be your best source of information. You simply dial to an EBS station in your area for immediate emergecy instructions. The stations can be found easily on your regular radio because repeated annoucements will be made identifying them as an EBS station and the area they are serving."

This provides the scenerio wherein survivors of a nuclear attack would wear out their precious batteries frantically dialing around their radio day and night seeking a lone surviving Civil Defense broadcaster. Whereas on the old, superior CONELAD system, survivors could just check 640 or 1240 in between vomiting fits and tranquilizer doses. Of course, now we have the Emergency Alert System which is identical to the old EBS except for its alert signal. The EBS signal, you may recall, was a piercing, streaming whine while the EAS's sounds more like a broken modem.

Side Two of this album is a collection of Civil Defense newsbytes announcing what C.D. officials are doing in "your community" to insure "our" survival in the event of "enemy attack." These tracks, among other things, reflect the Department's fondness for acronyms such as this one from Band 2: "Locating fallout shelters to protect people from radioactive fallout in the event of a nuclear attack is a big job. But getting ready to use this shelter in an emergecy is another big job. And Civil Defense is working on this right now at the community level. This is called Community Shelter Planning or CSP..." or this one from Band 5: "If this country should ever suffer a nuclear attack, govenors, mayors, city managers and other persons of authority in state and local governments would be working in Emergency Operating Centers directing the necessary survival and recovery actions. There are now more than 2,000 such centers thorough out the United States. EOCs they're called..."

Needless to say, neither of the acronyms ever really caught on with a fickle public which was more fascinated by other, more exotic acronyms like L.S.D. and S.T.P.



The Office of Civil Defense recognizes fact that, in time of national emergency, local readiness relies on a practical civil defense program that is supported by the public. A strong local awareness at the community level us the backbone of a successful program.

Local radio provides the immediacy which can bring to the public it serves, information, guidance and instructions during an emergency, whether it is of a local nature or one involving the entire nation.

On this transcription you will find public service spot announcements on the Emergency Broadcasting System (Side 1) and on a variety of civil defnese subjects (side 2). We believe the announcements are informative and will contribute to the strengthening of your community's civil defense.

The shipping carton also includes identical live copy spots for an announcer to use at his discretion.

The cooperation of your station is greatly appreciated.

BAND 1. Emergency Broadcasting System :20
BAND 2. Emergency Broadcasting System :30
BAND 3. Emergency Broadcasting System :20
BAND 4. Emergency Broadcasting System :60
BAND 5. Emergency Broadcasting System :30
BAND 6. Emergency Broadcasting System :20
BAND 7. Emergency Broadcasting System :10
BAND 8. Emergency Broadcasting System :60
BAND 1. Shelter in Schools :30
BAND 2. Community Shelter in Schools #1 :60
BAND 3. Industrial Records Protection :60
BAND 4. Slanting the Design :30
BAND 5. Emergency Operating Centers :50
BAND 6. Shelter Management :50
BAND 7. Fallout Shelter Spaces :50
BAND 8. Community Shelter Planning #2 :60
BAND 9. Personal and Family Survival :30

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