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CONELRAD: ATOMIC PLATTERS | Janet Greene: Research Notes and Acknonwledgements
Anti-Baez: The Ballad of Janet Greene
Janet Greene sans guitar in undated portrait.


Our biography of the obscure anti-Communist singer-songwriter Janet Greene almost never happened. Indeed, if it weren't for a distant relative of Greene's contacting CONELRAD with a cryptic e-mail, we never would have had the single piece of information that enabled us— finally— to locate and interview the artist. As many readers may know, we had previously posted a profile of Ms. Greene that relied mainly on excerpts from 1960s-era Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (CACC) newsletters. This new biography, which replaces the earlier profile, is a much more complete picture of Ms. Greene's remarkable life and career. In addition to our lengthy interview with the musician herself, we were able to find a number of additional resources that added significant details to Greene's story.

As we have noted elsewhere in this feature, CONELRAD would like to thank Janet Greene for speaking with us on two occasions in April and May of 2004.

We would also like to thank Dennis Hasty for providing the incredibly rare image of the "Al Lewis Show" newspaper advertisement used in our feature.

Joan Greenroos provided additional images and we are deeply indebted to her contribution. Thanks, too, to Marilyn Greenroos.

In addition to Ms. Greene, the following interviews were conducted for this feature:
Bernard Kersker: 01/31/06
David Greenroos: 02/02/06
Larry P. Smith: 02/05/06
Al Lewis: 02/27/06

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate Janet Greene's anti-Communist era record producer, Del Katcher. If anyone knows of Mr. Katcher's whereabouts, please drop a dime to CONELRAD.

Mortimer C. Watters, Janet Greene's harassing nemesis at WCPO died on June 5, 1997 at the age of 87. The Cincinnati Enquirer obituary for the retired executive lauded him as a "TV pioneer."

Efforts to contact Dr. Fred C. Schwarz were not successful.

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Hi There, Boys and Girls: America's Local Children's TV Programs University Press of Mississippi; 2001; pg. 221 Author: Tim Hollis

Editor's Note: There is no mention of Janet Greene in Dr. Fred Schwarz's 599 page autobiography "Beating the Unbeatable Foe" (Regnery Publishing, Inc, 1996).

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