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CONELRAD would like to thank the many people and institutions who aided our research into the rich history of the Daisy spot. When we began this project a year ago, we never could have dreamed how much documentary material existed concerning a mere sixty seconds of film. First and foremost, Michael Ravnitzky, the indefatigable Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) expert, must be thanked for cajoling CONELRAD into revisiting its long dormant goal of tracking down the Daisy girl. Were it not for Mr. Ravnitzky's persistence and encouragement it is unlikely this feature ever would have been started. It was in seeking out the Daisy girl, after all, that led us to eventually dig deeper into the "hidden" back-story of the ad. Mr. Ravnitzky must also be thanked for providing significant research assistance on this feature.

Our sincere gratitude is also extended to Anton Schwartz, Tony Schwartz's son, who helped get the ball rolling by providing us with the elusive identity of the Daisy girl herself. Forrest Gray, Tony Schwartz's assistant, was extremely helpful in providing many audio, video, graphic and textual records. Due to health concerns, Mr. Schwartz himself could not be interviewed for this feature. While CONELRAD would have loved to have spoken to the media guru, his comments on his life and work are so well represented in the public record that a current interview was not as critical as it might have otherwise been.

Sidney Myers, the Art Director for the Daisy spot, could not have been any more generous with his time. His recollections were invaluable and essential to this feature. Bernice Lee, the wife of the late Stanley R. Lee (the credited copywriter for the Daisy spot) was kind enough to speak with us regarding the life and work of her husband. Peggy B. Graham provided some interesting biographical details on her late husband James H. Graham, the Doyle Dane Bernbach executive in charge of the 1964 Democratic National Committee account. Thanks also to Ann M. Barton, who was account executive James H. Graham's secretary during the heady days of DDB's 1964 campaign work and who provided CONELRAD with a fascinating exchange of letters with the New Yorker magazine that can be viewed on the Daisy Documents page. Columbia University's Edward Mendelson offered welcome direction on the poet W.H. Auden (whose poem "September 1, 1939" informs a critical line in the Daisy spot). 1964 Johnson campaign veterans Lloyd Wright and Bill Moyers provided CONELRAD with unique insights into how the campaign media apparatus worked.

The fine archivists at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum provided CONELRAD with expert service and never lost their patience despite our many different requests for assistance. Locating the records of Doyle Dane Bernbach and other internal memos from the 1964 campaign at the LBJ Library opened a lot of doors in our understanding of the history of the ad. The Center for American History in Austin, Texas provided CONELRAD with copies of the personal papers of Aaron Ehrlich, the deceased producer of the Daisy spot. This enabled us to fill in some of the gaps concerning his role in the production of the commercial. Pat Sloan at DDB provided some fruitful leads that CONELRAD followed up on.

Special thanks to Austin resident and kindred spirit Connie A. Geerhart for zipping over to the LBJ Library for some last minute document gathering! And last, but certainly not least, we must thank Monique Corzilius, the Daisy Girl, for sitting down and speaking with CONELRAD's Bill Geerhart about her fascinating life. Cold War popular culture interviews do not get much more "sought after." It is all downhill from here unless Peter Sellers rises from the dead as Dr. Strangelove and calls CONELRAD on the hotline...

The following are the reference works relied upon by CONELRAD in researching the DAISY feature. For exact citations, please refer to the footnotes section in the main article.

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Ad Age Top 100 People of the Century
A fun and informative inventory of media movers and shakers with DDB's William Bernbach clocking in at number 1.

Center for American History (University of Texas at Austin) Repository of Aaron Ehrlich's personal papers and other fascinating documents.

Doyle, Dane and Bernbach (now DDB Worldwide)
Advertising firm that produced the Daisy ad for the Democratic National Committee in 1964.

1964 Election Results

The Living Room Candidate
An excellent collection of presidential campaign advertising presented by the American Museum of the Moving Image.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum
This presidential library—part of the National Archives—houses the records of President Lyndon B. Johnson including a treasure trove of the chief executive's recorded conversations.

"Origins of DDB"
A history of the advertising agency.

Tony Schwartz Official Site
Advertising guru who contributed to the creation of the Daisy ad.

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