CONELRAD Atomic Hygiene: Cold War Short Subject Films


Rick Prelinger's justly celebrated collection of "ephemeral films" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur short subjects) is available for viewing and downloading at the Internet Archive (some 1,969 titles and growing). The Prelinger Collection was recently acquired by the US Library of Congress in August 2002 and remains an invaluable resource for everyone interested in "All Things Atomic."

SOME RECOMMENDED TITLES (Links go to the Internet Archives)

DUCK & COVER: Bert the Turtle classic produced by Archer Productions for the FDCA. See also the CONELRAD's detailed Production History of this classic.

RADIOLOGICAL DEFENSE: Animation helps instruct the population for the Office of Civil Defense & Mobilization.

ATOMIC ALERT: An Encyclopaedia Britannica production aimed at elementary school students.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BIOLOGICAL WARFARE: More bad advice on a timely subject.

A IS FOR ATOM: Animation in the "Our Friend the Atom" vein produced for General Electric.

SURVIVAL UNDER ATOMIC ATTACK: "If the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had known what we know about civil defense, thousands of lives would be saved."

See Prelinger's most recent list of Atomic & Civil Defense and Cold War films available for viewing and downloading.

Rick has recently completed a feature length collage film Panorama Ephemera (2004) and the Prelinger Library ("An access-oriented, image-rich nonfiction collection of books, printed ephemera, and over 600 periodical titles, serving the needs of readers, artists, and scholars in histories of U.S. regions, culture, industry, landscape, media, and politics (and other things)" is now open in San Francisco.


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