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Occupying a Public Shelter - 1965, Office of Civil Defense: Smoke'em if you gottem


Like 'Information Program Within Public Shelters,' this is another over-optimistic introduction to post-Bomb shelter life courtesy the U.S. government. This amusing film has such an incongruous assortment of scenes that it makes underground living seem like some sort of family summer camp sponsored by the military. Is 'captive audience' too obvious?In one scene, shelter kids cheerfully sing Frere Jacques, in another shelter women perform calisthenics and, in a shot that illustrates the pervasiveness of smoking in the era, a man prepares to light up a cigarette! He quickly puts his pack of cancer sticks away when he hears the omnipotent voice of the film's narrator: "The shelter is secure for the night. An ideal time for a smoke, but smoking is permitted only when the shelter management determines the ventilation in the area and oxygen requirements…" The film differs from its 1963 predecessor in that it has no on-camera Rod Serling-type narrator and it depicts an African American being welcomed into the shelter.
Occupying a Public Shelter - 1965, Office of Civil Defense: Sheltercize!

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