CONELRAD Atomic Hygiene: Cold War Short Subject Films


This film portrays the atomic odyssey of a 'John Q. Public' who, while on his way home after buying some ice cream, sees the bright flash of the Bomb. Once he gets up, dusts himself off and puts on his charred fedora, the movie moves forward with its agenda to convey all of the clichéd civil defense lessons about staying in one's shelter and avoiding contaminated food, etc. Of course, Mr. Public ignores most of these rules by busily running through the fallout and fire-filled streets trying to find his family. But, to his credit, he is never seen trying to eat his presumably irradiated (and melted) ice cream.

Family reunion in Warning Red

Produced by Norwood Studios in cooperation with the
Federal Civil Defense Administration
Director: Nicholas Webster
Screenwriter: Kirby Hawkes
Producer: Phillip Martin
Cast: Joseph Cunningham, Melvin Scheldt, Mary Reading Miller


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