The Roentgen Calculator was a popular civil defense accessory in the early sixties – no fallout shelter was complete without one. It was a tool that would theoretically allow the atomic bomb survivor to figure out just how screwed he or she was after an attack.

A variation of the Roentgen Calculator was used by Dr. Strangelove himself in Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1964 film. It was also used as a gimmick to help promote the film (see Press Book excerpt below).

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can create your own “Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer” by following the detailed instructions offered on this site.

GIVE ‘Em Nuclear Bomb Effects Computers!

Computers cost $1.00 each; 75 cents apiece when ordered in quantities of 100 or more. They make sensational giveaways to VIP’s—editors, critics, radio and TV personalities.

Plastic computer permits estimation of biological and medical effects of nuclear bomb bursts at various heights and of various yields. Opposite face of the computer contains directions for operating the two sliding rules, to obtain proper measurements, effects of exposure to radiation and to degrees of heat.

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computers can be ordered direct from:

Superintendent of Documents
Government Printing Office
Washington, D. C.

-- From the official press book for DR. STRANGELOVE (1964)

Circa 1960
B-R-L, Weymouth, England


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