It was bound to happen. We’re just surprised it took so long. In 2006 author Robert Ferrigno gave the conservative reading public what they had been craving since 9/11: A War on Terror invasion/occupation novel! We can hardly wait for the film adaptation of Prayers for the Assassin, but may we humbly recommend the catchier title of CRESCENT DAWN?

Taking a page (literally) from the Soviet invasion novels and scripts of the Cold War, Mr. Ferrigno has succeeded in conjuring up Dick Cheney’s worst fever dream of Islamic triumph over America. He also succeeded in earning rave reviews from the National Review and David Horowitz's FrontPageMag.

The following is an excerpt from the book’s overheated jacket copy:

SEATTLE, 2040. The Space Needle lies crumpled. Veiled women hurry through the busy streets. Alcohol is outlawed, replaced by Jihad Cola, and mosques dot the skyline. New York and Washington, D.C., are nuclear wastelands. Phoenix is abandoned, Chicago the site of a civil war battle. At the edges of the empire, Islamic and Christian forces fight for control of a very different United States…

Enormous in scope and brilliantly imagined, Prayers for the Assassin promises to be the powerhouse read of the year. Burning with cinematic violence, fiendish betrayal, and global intrigue, Robert Ferrigno’s sensational thriller asks: What would happen to America if the terrorists won?

CONELRAD hopes that Mr. Ferrigno’s book is the beginning of a long and ridiculous line of titles about Americans forced to live under Muslim rule, but for the time being we’re placing Prayers of the Assassin in our Soviet America category as yet another example of the pop cultural overlap between the Cold War and the War on Terror.

For more on the nascent War on Terror literary genre, read David Weigel’s excellent October 2006 article from Reason Online.

By the way, we're not so sure the folks over at were thrilled to get a shout-out on the Acknowledgements page of Mr. Ferrigno's book.

By Robert Ferrigno
Copyright 2006; Published by Scribner / New York
397 Pages


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