Doomsday Eve by Robert Moore Williams, Ace double D-215


In a low/no-tech anticipation of Amazon's Kindel, Ace Books used to publish two pulp fiction titles in one binding (for 35 cents!). For fans of vintage paperback cover art, the Ace packages are still a bargain because the format allows you to flip the book over to see the other cover. Suck on that Kindel!

In this case, Ace's Doomsday Eve by Robert Moore Williams (of The Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles fame) is paired with Three to Conquer by Eric Frank Russell. However, we are focusing on Doomsday Eve because of the great mushroom cloud image on the front.

Doomsday Eve takes place in 2020 eleven years into a nuclear war between the United States and the "Asian Federation." A race of mutated super humans known as the New People (who have learned to embrace nudity) plan to allow the war to play out at which time they will emerge and teach humanity about the foolishness of armed conflict. Sounds like a variation on Charles Manson's Helter Skelter plan to us (Charlie had a lot of time to read while in prison, Hmmm).

In addition to their advanced philosophy of pacifism, the New People have also perfected "no flush" plumbing.

Doomsday Eve is notable for presenting a story that extols world unity. In 1957 that probably earned the author Robert Moore Williams an FBI file.

To learn more about this colorful author, see the biography that accompanies the review of The Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles.
Three to Conquer by Eric Frank Russell, Ace double D-215

By Robert Moore Williams
Copyright 1957 by A.A. Wyn, Inc; Published by Ace Books, New York
Ace D-215
138 Pages


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