Expose for Men, October 1960, Volume 4, No. 1


Expose For Men (formerly Sensation) was one of many men’s magazines that could be found on city newsstands in the fifties and sixties. These magazines would feature dubious news stories that would play to its readership’s core interests: Sex, booze and war. For example, the October 1960 issue has a story asking "Are Insomniacs Naturally Sexier?," an investigation on "Poison Booze...Flooding America!," and a lengthy article on alternatives to atomic warfare.

John L. Russell, Jr.’s story on chemical, biological and radiological weapons is the most reasoned piece in the issue. There is not much opportunity for titillation when describing a germ attack. It is more or less a history of the advances of warfare and an argument on why the superpowers would refrain from using nuclear weapons. Of course, in stark contrast to his fellow Expose writers, Mr. Russell had actually written a few books on science and space exploration. The same level of accomplishment probably did not apply to Louis Ward who wrote the piece “Little White Lies… Painted Black By Women!”

We would be remiss if we did not include this comment from “G.E.M. of Lorain, Ohio” found in the letters section. It provides a bit of a window into the kind of man who read Expose:

I have just finished reading your May issue, and I would like you to know that I thought it was fine. I have been reading the magazine on and off for some time, and if your future issues are as good, cover to cover, you can count me as a regular. I particularly liked the story, “Why Homosexuals Seek Jobs in Mental Hospitals.” It certainly was a revelation and very well written…”

Or this letter from D.B. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who wrote in to compliment the Expose editors on a story regarding transvestites:

Thanks very much for publishing an article which explains people like myself without going off into prejudice. I would appreciate your printing this letter, so that it may clear up the doubts of some people who think we’re fags.

Not exactly the National Review...

October 1960
Volume 4, No. 1
The A-Bomb Will Never Be Used article By John L. Russell, Jr.
Publisher: Arthur Bernhard
Editor: Brad Jones
Art Director: Walter Pinkava
Published bi-monthly by Skye Publishing Company, Inc.
Editorial Offices: 509 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

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