Civil Defense (under its various agency names) published numerous alarmist instructional booklets, pamphlets and flyers over the years, but the cover of Facts About Fallout is one of the best.

The befuddled man on the front of the pamphlet cluelessly wandering away from a mushroom cloud is supposed to represent the typical American citizen ignorant of fallout and of civil defense measures.

Inside the pamphlet the reader is confronted with illustrated pages about the dangers of fallout ("It may even kill you!") that are intended to scare him or her straight... into the protective arms of civil defense.

One of the pieces of helpful advice offered in the pamphlet is that a person facing the prospect of a post-attack shelter stay should not "get panicky." The pamphlet adds that such a person should also try to avoid getting "discouraged." OK...

The last page sums up the fear and the pitch (and adds a dash of patriotic pandering):

Americans are hard to scare. Of course, we are worried about the forces science has unlocked. We would not be intelligent human beings otherwise. But this problem can be solved - as others have been - by American ingenuity and careful preparation.

See your local Civil Defense office.

Let Civil Defense help you to help yourself and the Nation to be prepared.

By the Federal Civil Defense Administration
Published by the U.S. Government Printing Office

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