I Am A Card Carrying AMERICAN


The Hannitized 2000's is the era of the American flag pin. It's like a loyalty oath you can wear. The Cold War, on the other hand, was all about the cards. e.g. "Jim is a card carrying member of the Communist Party!"

In the 1960's some self-described Capitalists from Memphis, Tennessee decided it would be ironic and super patriotic to issue "American" cards. Decades later this novelty item would not look out of place in the online store of a certain second-string conservative radio talk show host.

The front of the card is simply the Pledge of Allegiance with a space to sign one's name. It is the reverse side where things get interesting:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (not the U.N.) and to the republic (not democracy) for which it stands (not liberalism); one nation under GOD (not one world government) indivisible (not co-existence) with liberty (not federal control) and justice (not Earl Warren's kind) for all (not just for traitors).

I am a Super Patriot. I love my country and those things that make it great.

I am a reactionary. I am opposed to anything that has or will harm my country.

I am a conservative. I want to save this country.

I am a Right Winger. I advocate that we must lead our country to the right principles.

Specialty item No. 7 when ordering additional copies...

Circa 1960's
Item # 7
Sold (?) by J. Biggert, Memphis, TN
Printed in U.S.A. by Capitalists

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