4 WHEELS TO SURVIVAL: Your Car and Civil Defense

Those two mainstays of American life in the 1950s: Civil Defense and the family sedan merge in this 1955 government brochure put out by the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA). The brochure provides tips on how to maintain your car so that it can provide optimum service during a civil defense emergency. The brochure helpfully informs the reader that your car "helps you move away from danger."

The most amusing section of "4 Wheels to Survival" can be found under the heading "A Few Cautions About Civil Defense Driving." The tips for safe evacuation ignore the realities of a real world urban exodus in the face of incoming Russian bombers:

In an evacuation, only courtesy, cooperation, and careful driving can prevent disastrous traffic jams. Learn and observe these rules:

* Obey police, civil defense authorities, and other authorities.
* If you have room, pick up walking evacuees.
* Don't crowd or try to beat the other fellow.
* If your car becomes disabled, try to get off the road.
* If traffic gets stalled, don't lean on the horn. Your impatience may become someone else's panic. That can cost lives!

Other sections of 4 Wheels to Survival concern stocking one's car with emergency supplies, using one's car as a "communication center" and the shelter advantages that a car offers.

4 WHEELS TO SURVIVAL: Your Car and Civil Defense
By the Federal Civil Defense Administration
Published by the United States Printing Office

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