LIFE: September 3, 1945

This issue of Life hit newsstands when the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still smoldering, so it is more than a little unsettling to see the pin-up that greets the reader on page 53: Starlet Linda Christians as the “Anatomic Bomb.”

Taste notwithstanding, the MGM studio publicists knew a good hook when they saw one and Life was only too willing to provide the space. The Anatomic Bomb shot is one of the more prominent and memorable examples of how quickly the popular culture embraced all things atomic.

The following is the text of the caption and the blurb that accompanies Ms. Christians’ languorous poolside pose:

Starlet Linda Christians brings the new atomic age to Hollywood

Sprawled gracefully on the curving edge of a swimming pool, starlet Linda Christians, Hollywood’s Anatomic Bomb soaks up solar energy.

Almost before ink was dry on headlines announcing the crash of the first atomic bomb, Hollywood had turned the event to good publicity. At the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio Miss Linda Christians, hitherto obscure starlet, was solemnly pronounced the Anatomic Bomb. Half-Mexican, half Dutch, Linda was born in Tampico, Mexico, thinks it was 22 years ago. Her real name is Blanca Rose Weller. Her father, an oil executive, traveled widely, taking his family with him. They were in Palestine in 1941 during a bomb scare. Linda was evacuated to Mexico with a bad case of Malaria, recovered, went to Hollywood to join her brother, got a job modeling hats, was seen and signed by M-G-M. So far she has been in no pictures, the publicity role of the Anatomic Bomb being her first important assignment. With long residence in Holland, Italy, France and Switzerland, Linda thinks Hollywood is wonderful.

Ms. Christians did have a significant film career after her reign as the Anatomic Bomb and also wound up marrying Tyrone Power in 1949 (they divorced in 1956). Her last screen appearance according to IMdB was in 1988. At some point along the way, she dropped the “s” from the end of her last name.

LIFE: September 3, 1945
By The Editors of Life magazine
September 3, 1945


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