The Woman on Pier 13


The Woman on Pier 13 is the published screenplay for the film of the same name that was originally released to theaters in 1949 under the vastly more entertaining title of "I Married a Communist." However, on orders from studio owner Howard Hughes, it was quickly pulled and saddled with its blander, less memorable title. This is a pity because the film and its screenplay are over-the-top entertaining. The story is an "anti-commie noir" (the reformed Robert Ryan is tormented by his former Party bosses) crossed with a "woman's picture" (Larraine Day's earth shatterting realization that she is married to a former Communist).

This screenplay paperback which features a number of striking stills from the film (as well as a Hirshfeld caricature of the cast), will be of primary interest to students of film and Cold War popular culture. Most people are better off catching the movie on one of the rare occasions that it is run on the Turner Classic Movies channel. Obviously, the script cannot translate the campy acting that makes the film such an enormously entertaining ride.

The screenplay does, however, provide the obsessive fan with the opportunity to savor the scene where Robert Ryan as Brad Collins crumples up his renewed Communist Party card.

By Chares Grayson and Robert Hardy Andrews
Copyright [as I MARRIED A COMMUNIST] 1949 by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.; Renewed 1976 by RKO General, Inc.
Frederick Ungar Publishing, Inc.
New York
82 pages


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