Atomic Blonde by Monte Steele, 1963'


There isn’t any particular Cold War significance to Atomic Blonde, a sleazy pulp novel from 1963. We just liked the title.

The prolific sleaze-noir author, Monte Steele, also penned these classics of the genre:

Edge of Evil, 1962
Golden Goddess, 1962
Jungle of Lust, 1962
Bachelor Apartment, 1963
Clipjoint Cutie, 1963
Million Dollar Tramp, 1963
Passionate Cheat, 1963
Sex-Movie Queen, 1963
Sucker Bait, 1963
Small Town Chippie, 1964
Campus Chippies, 1964
Love Champ, 1964
Sex Swindler, 1964
Take It Off in Trade, 1964
Unwilling Lover, 1964
Naked Cargo, 1965
Hillbilly Haven, 1966
Beach Bunnies, 1967

By Monte Steele
Copyright 1963; Published by Neva Paperbacks, Inc. / Las Vegas, Nevada
Produced in the United States of America by arrangement with Playtime Books, Inc.
160 Pages


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