Mick Broderick's NUCLEAR MOVIES, A Filmography


If you are seeking that one book that will provide you with a comprehensive (nearly definitive) list of Cold War films, this is it. Broderick has assembled a remarkable collection here. Full disclosure: Broderick has contributed research materials to CONELRAD in the past, but we owned this book long before we ever met the bloke.

For those of you who prefer lists over academic analysis, Nuclear Movies is editorially organized to meet your needs: Specifically, the first thirty pages of the book are devoted to scholarly examination (there is also an excellent bibliography at the end for persons wishing to read more about the genre), and the rest is basically one long list of atomic films. The chapters are arranged chronologically and Broderick even includes pre-Hiroshima motion pictures such as the silent RADIUM RAYS (1914) that concerns “rays” used to cure the insane.

The book also features a foreword by Dr. Helen Caldicott.

Highly recommended.

By Mick Broderick
Copyright 1988; Published by Post-Modem Publishing, Australia
135 Pages

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