Actual label for a Fallout Protection For... Homes with Basements OCD booklet - May 1967

FALLOUT PROTECTION FOR... Homes with Basements

This 1967 Office of Civil Defense "Protection Evaluation Report" booklet was sent to house holders whose basements were analyzed for fallout protection as a result of a questionnarie being filled out in the Home Fallout Protection Survey. Fallout Protection For Homes With Basements The mailing label contains the "evaluation" expressed as a Basement PF (Protection Factor). "Look at the back of this booklet again. Two numbers are printed there which tell you the amount of fallout protection your basement offers. These numbers were calculated for your home by electronic computer from the information you gave in the recent Home Fallout Protection Survey questionnaire. The analytical method used is based on the best scientific information available. It is designed to give the maximum accuracy possible while requiring minimum information from you. A more complex method might produce more precise results in some cases but would sacrifice simplicity, speed and economy."

The PF number "is the relation between the amount of fallout radiationwhich would be received by a completely unprotected person compared to the amount which would be received by a person in a fallout shelter. For example, a person in a fallout shelter with a PF of 40 would receive about 0ne-fortieth (or 2-1/2 percent) of the radiation he would be exposed to if he were completely unprotected."

If the PF in the best corner of your basement is less than 40 you can bring it up to the minimum suggested for public sheters by the use of additional shielding (with a permanent, preplanned or improvised shelter). The booklet shows illustrations of each type (the "pre-planned" Snack Bar is really pretty modern) and has a detachable postcard for ordering up to 5 detailed plans for free (Ceiling Modification to Basement. Alternate Ceiling Modification to Basement, Concrete Block Shelter, Snack Bar Shelter, Tilt-Up Shelter, and Lean-To Shelter).

By the way, which is the best corner of YOUR basement?

Improvised shelters - 'Be careful not to overload the doors to the point where the shelter will collapse'

FALLOUT PROTECTION FOR... Homes with Basements
Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense
May 1967 H-12 (Revised)
24 pp


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