The Atomic Knights in the Lost City of Los Angeles


Following the Hydrogen War of 1986 the Atomic Knights, a small band of armor clad survivors battle ignorance, post-atomic squalor and weird radiation-induced monsters to rebuild the American way of life.

Not your father's radioactive wasteland! Or maybe it is if he read the DC comic Strange Adventures during the years 1960-64. The Atomic Knights never earned their own title but appeared in 15 episodes of Strange Adventures and attracted a devoted following.

The Atomic Knights were an extraordinarily fraternal lot, including a soldier (Sgt. Gardner Grayle), scientist (Bryndon Smith), teacher Douglas Herald) and others (Herald's sister Marlene, and ex-soldier twins Wayne and Hollis Hobard), who donned a serendiptious find of radiation resistant medieval armor in pursuit of their episodic quest to restore civilization. Based in Durvale they traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Detroit to investigate and assert themselves in a wide range of threat mitigation activities. While there are some metal-starved aliens and time-slipped Atlanteans in this mix it's the post war recovery that really drives the series.

An unforgettable image occurs in Strange Adventure No. 138 when the Atomic Knights employ two giant mutated Dalmatians as saddle horses. The scene is worthy of Spike Milligan's absurdist nuclear comedy The Bedsitting Room.

The final appearence of the Atomic Knights was in Strange Adventures No. 160 where they encounter the Wild Boys, a marauding band of post-apocalyptic adolescents. Anyone bold enough to connect this meme to William Burroughs (Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead, 1971)?

Atomic Knights: back story...

Strange Adventures No. 117: June 1960
The Rise of the Atomic Knights

Strange Adventures No. 120: September 1960
The Menace of the Water-Raider

Strange Adventures No. 123: December 1960
The Cavemen of New York

Strange Adventures No. 126: March 1961
The Lost City of Los Angeles

Strange Adventures No. 129: June 1961
World Out of Time

Strange Adventures No. 132: September 1961
Thanksgiving Day - 1990

Strange Adventures No. 135: January 1962
War In Washington

Strange Adventures No. 138: March 1962
The Attack of the Giant Dogs

Strange Adventures No. 141: June 1962
Menace of the Metal-Looters

Strange Adventures No. 144: September 1962
When the Earth Blacked Out

Strange Adventures No. 147: December 1962
The King of New Orleans

Strange Adventures No. 150: March 1963
The Plant That Hated Humans

Strange Adventures No. 153: June 1963
Danger In Detroit

Strange Adventures No. 156: September 1963
Threat of the Witch-Woman

Strange Adventures No. 160: January 1964
Here Come the Wild Ones

The Atomic Knights in the Lost City of Los Angeles: They say there's a huge store of food packs in Laurel Canyon but no one dares goes there

Published by DC Comics June 1960 to January 1964
Editor: Julius Schwartz
Writer: John Broome
Artist: Murphy Anderson
Scenes from Strange Adventures No. 126 (March 1961)
"The Lost City of Los Angeles"


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