Bombs in Orbit by Jeff Sutton, 1959


From the back cover of this direct-to-paperback thriller:

Space Frogmen!

Officially there was no war. Yet men were dying, planes were battling, and the struggle for the conquest of space was going on day and night on a life-or-death basis. For it was common— though unpublicized—knowledge that when one of the two great powers got into a position to strike a total blow without risk, the Cold war would be over.

Now the the Russian space lead had taken a fatal turn—they had three controlled H-Bomb Sputniks circling the Earth ready to drop when and where they wished.

America could be wiped out in a matter of minutes, unless those BOMBS IN ORBIT could be disarmed. There was only one way to do that. Send men up in a satellite of our own to pull the Red Fangs.

The story of that attempt, one of the most tensely exciting air-space adventures of the very near future, is a novel that cannot be put down until the last taut page.

by Jeff Sutton
Copyright 1959 by Ace Books, Inc.
192 pp


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