The Atomic Cafe: Movie tie-in book

THE ATOMIC CAFE: The Book of the Film

A wonderful tie-in book to the film featuring some of the remarkable images from this nation's atomic heritage. Some great photographs include the original "Atomic Café" sign as well as an odd picture of a man getting into a box labeled "Atomic Bomb Protective Device." The ATOMIC CAFE book of the film can be found in used bookstores, EBAY and the Advanced Book Exchange.

Inside page of the Atomic Cafe: The Book of the Film, depicting the infamous Tsukada System 'Atomic Bomb Protective Device'

THE ATOMIC CAFE: The Book of the Film
By Kevin Rafferty, Jayne Loader and Pierce Rafferty
Designed by David Larkin
Copyright 1982 by The Archives Project Inc.
Bantam Books Edition


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