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Prolific pamphleteer Kenneth Goff rings the Red scare alarm bell again in Will Russia Invade America? The booklet opens with this case for a then-imminent World War III:

Today the world is no longer divided into 72 different nations. It can be more rightly said that it is divided into two worlds or two armed camps. One company of nations is rallying around Soviet Russia and the banner of the red hammer and sickle; the other, around America and the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The rehearsal for this conflict could be clearly seen in the Korean struggle. This fire which has broken out in Korea will not end there, but will ultimately lead to a third World War. Truly, this is ‘The conflict of the Ages,’ ‘The Battle of the Lord.’ Upon its outcome, hinges the destiny of Christian civilization and the fate of mankind. World War III will determine whether life on this planet is to go forward under Christian leadership, or go down into totalitarian slavery under God-hating Communism.

It isn’t until much later in the booklet that Mr. Goff finally lays out his theories on how the Kremlin might conquer America. In chapter 7, ‘Invasion from the North’ he offers this dire warning:

Alaska, and the Canadian and American Governments know it. The 64-dollar question remains. When this great Army pours out of the North, will we be able to defeat them and drive them back or will it again be the sad story of too little and too late? The doorway of North America should be locked securely against any intruder. This can only be done by building a home-defense so strong that any invading force would make Alaska their own graveyard.

But a Soviet invasion is one thing. What would happen next? Mr. Goff has clearly put even more thought into this question. Indeed, the lengthy passage below is so detailed it could have been used as a blueprint for Stalin himself.

Should the Communists be successful in taking over this country, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court would be dissolved and all state legislatures abolished.

Nearly all the leading office-holders, including members of Congress, the 48 governors, and the President of the United States, would be arrested, tried and liquidated by the revolutionary committee as enemies of a workers’ state. The White House would be turned over to the Red premier, who likely be either Eugene Dennis or William Z. Foster. A politburo and a national committee would be established, to carry on the Federal affairs; and to appoint District Commissars over each Soviet who would in turn appoint the rulers of every community.

America would be divided into Soviet states, and all laws and directives governing these Soviets would be issued from the Politburo in Washington, D.C.

All public gatherings would be forbidden until the Communists had solidified their control, and after that, all rallies would have to have the permission of party leaders.

The policemen and military forces would be compelled to surrender their arms, and members of the revolutionary Red Army would take over the police duty of the nation. They would be reinforced with troops from Soviet Russia and other Red occupied nations of Europe and Asia. The majority of our police and military officials would be either imprisoned or liquidated as agents of a capitalist state.

All firearms in homes and in stores would be confiscated and turned over to the revolutionary committee in charge of the community. This would include guns that are used for hunting purposes and even for amusement.

All inter-state commerce and communication would be halted except by permission of the commissar in charge.

Decrees would be handed down by the Red premier forbidding the singing of America and the Star Spangled Banner. The Red International hymn of hate would be substituted in their place.

The Stars and Stripes would be torn from every public building, and anyone having an American flag in his possession would be guilty of a crime against the state. The Red Soviet flag bearing a hammer and sickle would be substituted in place of Old Glory.

All newspaper printing plants and radio stations would be confiscated by the government and the printing or circulating of papers, magazines, books, tracts, or other periodicals, would be forbidden under penalty of death. The Daily Worker would become the official mouthpiece of the Red Government and in other sections of the nation the Communist publications such as the People’s Daily World , the National Guardian, and the Communist Daily Worker, would be the only material that the people would receive for reading purposes.

The radio stations would abolish all commercials and the only programs would be those permitted by the commissar for the promotion of Red education and the advancement of militant atheism.

At intervals during the day the commissar would give instructions over the radio concerning the rationing programs, and the new decrees that would be put into effect.

All national shrines would be either abolished or converted to the use of the Soviet for propaganda purposes. The body Eugene V. Debs or some other Red hero would be enshrined in our nation’s capitol. The tombs of Tom Paine, John Brown, Tom Mooney and Sacco Vanzetti (sic) would become the objects of great pilgrimages.
Celebration of so-called (bourgeois), holidays such as Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas would be abolished under the law. New, workers’ holidays would be substituted in their place, such as May Day; Labor Day; and days celebrating the October revolution, Karl Marx’s birthday and the Haymarket Riot.

The cities, streets, highways, public parks and government projects which now bear the names of our patriotic forefathers, would be changed to names of revolutionary leaders. All pictures and shrines of our founding fathers would be taken down and replaced by those of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Eugene Dennis and other Red patriots.

Overnight, shabby men who had been loafing around our communities for years, arguing on street corners and giving inflammatory speeches in our bug-house squares would become our local officials and the managers of your industries. This scum, who never knew a what a day’s work meant, would drive your leading citizens from their homes, allowing them only to take a few of their family keepsakes. Every home, every farm, every industry, every small business, every piece of property – no matter how large or small – would now belong to the Soviet State.

Freedom would only be a fond memory as totalitarian slavery was ushered in by an era of Communist rule.

What did Mr. Goff recommend to avoid such an unpleasant fate for the United States? Buy more of his books in large quantities!:


Unless the truth contained in this book reaches the people immediately America faces Red revolution. All good Christian Americans should buy this book in large numbers and distribute them to friends and key personalities. Agents can make a nice profit. Make yourself a crusader in defense of Christian America.

Based on various press accounts that cite his age, Oliver Kenneth Goff was born in 1914 or 1915. He was raised in Delavan, Wisconsin and, by his own account, joined the Communist Party on May 2, 1936. According to the October 15, 1939 edition of the La Crosse (Wisconsin) Tribune and Leader-Press, Goff’s father was a respected physician and longtime member of the state legislature. The elder Goff was also a trusted adviser to Senator Robert M. La Follettee, a Republican from Wisconsin who ran for the presidency on the Progressive Party Ticket in 1924.

On October 9, 1939 Kenneth Goff made a name for himself in his own right by testifying before the Dies Committee, a special investigative branch of the House Un-American Activities Committee, about his three year membership in the Communist Party (Goff was a national committee member of the Young Communist League at the time of his testimony). Goff testified about all the scandalous activities of the Reds such as the alleged practice of using attractive white female party members to recruit “negro” men into the organization. He also named names including two members of the YWCA national board (who denied Goff’s accusation that they were members of the Young Communist League). This seemingly innocuous organization would be attacked again in the 1948 pamphlet “Behind the Lace Curtains of the YWCA” by Joseph P. Kamp. As a concluding flourish to Goff’s testimony, he read his resignation announcement from the Communist Party into the official record.

According to the Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Right by Jeffrey Kaplan (pages 120-122; Rowman Altamira, 2000):

The self-described “reformed Communist” Goff claimed that his congressional testimony “aided in removing 169 Communists from the federal payrolls.” Goff also claimed that he was a “marked man, and had received many bodily injuries.”

Goff has spoken out against Communism in every state of the union during his long career.

Goff claimed to have authored 28 books, innumerable tracts, a periodical called the Pilgrim Torch (1962-1967), the Christian Battle Cry (1966-1971) and a series of newsletters pitched to a particular theme including hippies as a communist plot.

In the 1954 book “Hitler and the Twentieth Century Hoax” Goff asserted Hitler was a communist agent hinting both that Hitler was of Jewish ancestry and may not have been a real anti-Semite after all and that he might not be dead and that he might reappear when the time is right to advance communist plans.

In his pamphlet “Reds Promote Racial War,” he makes a biblically based plea for segregation and claims that integration is a communist plot.

In 1943 Goff became chairman of the newly formed National Youth Organization (NYO). The group grew out of a loose coalition of conservative Protestant Churches. The NYO had three primary aims in Goff’s own words:

1. All out effort to win the war.

2. We hold that the regenerating power of the Lord Jesus Christ is the cure for Juvenile Delinquency.

3. To combat communistic plots among our Youth.

By 1950, those who launched the NYO organization were no longer “youth,” and therefore a new group called “Soldiers of the Cross” was formed with Christian Youth for America as their youth auxiliary.

It is the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute for which Kenneth Goff is best remembered in Christian Identity circles today. Christian Identity is a white supremacist movement.

The Institute was located in Evergreen, Colorado and offered courses such as:

“The Bible’s Answer to Communism”
“The Christian History and Concept of the U.S. Constitution”
“Psychopolitics—the Conquest of the Mind”
“Applied Christianity”
“Christian Resistance”
“Survival Judo and Karate”
And the survivalist class called “Storehouse and Christian Survival”

According to a November 16, 1951 Associated Press story, Goff was arrested on October 24, 1951 for slashing a Soviet flag that was part of a United Nations display at the Denver, Colorado Civic Center. Goff was quoted as saying that the public display of the flag was a “slap in the face of every boy fighting in Korea.”

Several Internet sources examine a controversy over Goff’s 1955 book Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics. The book is a compilation of brain-washing manual summaries reputedly written by the head of the KGB, Lavrenti Beria (1899-1953). The controversy arises over who was originally responsible for the American version of the compilation. Some claim L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, was the writer/editor and other claim it was Goff. Massimo Introvigne has a comprehensive study of the controversy here.

According to his obituary published in the April 13, 1972 edition of the Greely (CO.) Tribune (via Associated Press), Kenneth Goff died on April 11, 1972 at the age of 57 after collapsing on a street corner in Chicago, apparently from a heart attack. He was on a speaking tour at the time of his death.

The obituary notes that Goff, a Baptist minister, had “tangled” with people such as entertainer Steve Allen and U.S. Senator John A. Carroll during his long anti-Communist career. According to the obituary, Goff also waged a war against the fluoridation of water in Cortez, Colorado in 1960. Goff was a widower who later divorced from his second wife. The obituary states that Goff is “survived by three small children of the Denver area, two brothers and a sister all of Wisconsin.”

Kenneth Goff
Copyright 1951
Self-published, Englewood, Colorado
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