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All About Radiation By a Nuclear Physicist and Medical Doctor ('Dr.' L. Ron Hubbard)


This book’s title,"All About Radiation", is a bit misleading because in addition to a lot of spurious text on "radiation," the author devotes a fair amount of space to trumpeting the wonders of Scientology. But since the author in question is L. Ron Hubbard, a healthy dose of Scientological proselytizing is to be expected. And, to be fair, Hubbard’s misguided ramblings about radiation are about as coherent as his bizarre assertions on the powers of Scientology, so the book is fairly well balanced in its incoherence.

The book's first laugh comes when the reader realizes that the "Medical Doctor" and "Nuclear Physicist" credited with writing it are, in actuality, "Dr." L. Ron Hubbard. In reality the science fiction writer and then-burgeoning cult leader was neither a doctor nor a nuclear physicist. Indeed, Hubbard flunked the class he took at George Washington University From the inside flap of All About Radiationthat he frequently cited as his qualification to discuss atomic matters. Perhaps he felt he made up for his academic failing by traveling into outer space without his body to examine the Van Allen Radiation Belt – another one of the writer's many wacky claims.

All About Radiation opens with a section ("All About the Atomic Bomb") gleaned from various other books on the subject including John Hersey’s Hiroshima. The real fun, however, doesn’t begin until the second section which is really just a bunch of transcribed Scientology lectures. It is entitled "Man’s Inhumanity to Man" by L. Ron Hubbard, C.E., Ph.D. The civil engineering and doctorate degrees, by the way, are as phony as Hubbard’s tales of galactic gallivanting. The civil engineering degree allegedly came from George Washington University, but Hubbard did not graduate from that or any institution. And the honorary doctorate for Hubbard’s "work" in Dianetics came from a diploma mill.

The foreword to this section slathers such praise on "Dr." Hubbard's "research," it should be noted that the writer – Johann Tempelhoff – wrote many other Scientology documents known as "Professional Auditor’s Bulletins" or "PABs." Here are some excerpts of the foreword’s extreme puffery:

After a period of two years in which Dr. Hubbard and a team of research Scientologists investigated brainwashing, nuclear radiation, etc., the British organization (i.e. the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International’s congress on “Nuclear Radiation and Health”) invited him to submit his findings to Scientologists in Europe, hence the Congress.

Scientology, the science of knowing, came out of the same crucible as the atomic bomb. It was developed for good, not evil. For that reason Scientology has been called that branch of atomic science which deals with human ability. As its founder has been trained as one of the first nuclear physicists it can be seen why.

All About Radiation is notable for early examples of some of Hubbard’s characteristic linguistic and “health” inventions. On page 41 of the book he employs the nonsense term “thinkingness” to describe human thought. Hubbard uses this Hubbardism several more times during the course of the section. Later in the book he describes the following Scientology version of a laying on of hands:

A man came into the HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists International) in Phoenix. He had been driving past one of the atomic bomb explosion sites and as he went past the site at some considerable distance away, he saw the flash on the horizon. At once his face and eyes swelled and he could hardly drive into Phoenix. He was in terrible condition and felt very bad about this. So I just gave him a Scientology assist and the swelling went down immediately.

On pages 91 through 93 Hubbard boasts that Scientology is "leading" in the development of a chemical to deal with the harmful effects of radiation. The formula for this "wonder" drug dubbed "Dianazene" is as follows and should be taken, Hubbard advises, daily with milk and chocolate:

200 mg. of Nictonic Acid
10 grains of Iron Ferrous Gluconate
25 mg. of Vitamin B1
50 mg. of Vitamin B2-Riboflavin
200 to 500 mg. of Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid
25 to 35 grains of Dicalcium Phosphate

Not only does Dianazene "run out" radiation, Hubbard states, “it also proofs a person up against radiation to a degree.” And if that weren’t enough, Hubbard adds, "it also turns on and runs out incipient cancer." Wow.

On the far-flung (from radiation, that is) topic of combating brainwashing, Hubbard is again ahead of the curve: "Any Scientologist with an Electro-psychometer," he brags, "can tell if somebody’s loyalty has changed." Is this what happened to Nicole Kidman? He goes on to recommend the following: "If one suspects that one of one's associates has been brainwashed, the best thing to do is to get hold of a Scientologist for he can handle the matter with ease."
'Dr' L. Ron Hubbard solicits an loyalty oath from a tomato
Hubbard’s legendary paranoia and egomania converge effortlessly when he addresses the pesky Communists who supposedly felt threatened by his organization's amazing anti-brainwashing abilities: "By the way – don't be surprised that certain Communist elements fight Scientology and try and give us a bad name. We have undone all their tricks." The FBI was less than impressed with Hubbard's anti-Communist efforts.

In case any reader missed the point about the God-like nature of Scientology, All About Radiation includes the following postscript:

The interest of the Hubbard Association of Scientology International in Radiation are only these:

It creates widespread hysteria; Scientology can handle hysteria. It creates physical disabilities; Scientology can prevent or treat them.

Scientology is the principle agency that is preventing and treating people for radiation at this time.

The Radiation count of Earth has not been increased by bomb testing. The anguish of Earth has been multiplied by bomb terror. You can survive with Scientology.

There is another Scientology Cold War-era book entitled The Science of Survival (1951) that is advertised on the back of All About Radiation, but unless some kind Thetan donates an original edition to CONELRAD, it will probably go un-reviewed here.
The Science of Survival, from the back dust cover of All About Radiation
By a Nuclear Physicist and Medical Doctor ("Dr." L. Ron Hubbard)
Copyright 1957 by Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, London
109 pages

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