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Frederick G. Dutton's August 19, 1961 Memorandum to McGeorge Bundy regarding the 'Eisenhower Ten'

August 19, 1961


You may recall that in late May, I wrote advising of the existence of classified letters from President Eisnehower to ten private citizens throughout the country giving them authority over various parts of the economy and total society in the event of a declaration of a national emergency. The President subsequently asked that letters from him to the individuals involved terminating their contingent authority be held until reorganization of the civil defense structure and related operations to take effect in the event of a national emergency.

I would appreciate notification by you as to whether that outstanding authority should be terminated, as I recommend; continued under new letters of instructions from the President; or what course you may decide to have taken. This matter merely relates to cleaning up prior conditional operations in the field of national security and should , I presume, be routed to you before any action is taken.

Frederick G. Dutton

FREDERICK G. DUTTON: Assistant to President Kennedy who discovered the existence of the Eisenhower Ten letters and notified McGeorge Bundy.

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