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CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | The Eisenhower Ten: Frank Pace Resignation Acceptance Letter
The Eisenhower Ten - Documents
President Eisenhower's January 8, 1959 letter accepting the resignation of Frank Pace as Emergency Designee Administrator of the Emergency Transport Agency.

January 8, 1959

Dear Frank

As you requested in your letter of the fifth, I am accepting your resignation as the Emergency Designee in the transportation area. I am sorry that we shall be losing your wise counsel in this particular assignment, but I do understand the limits that have been placed upon your time and availability for this task.

Governor Hoegh, Gordon Gray, and Arthur Flemming all share with me a very great appreciation of the strong help you have provided in developing this program over the past several years. It has been all the more valuable, thanks to your facility gained in long experience with government, perhaps? for pointing a way to the solution of difficult problems.

I am grateful to you for this most recent entry on your public service record.

With warm regard.


Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Honorable Frank Pace
General Dynamics Corporation
445 Park Avenue
New York, New York

President Eisenhower's acceptance of Emergency Transportation Agency Administrator-designee Frank Pace's resignation is so effusive it's a shame it couldn't have been used as a letter of reference for the executive's next white collar job. However, despite all the impressive skills Mr. Pace brought to his non-job, it did not prove too difficult to fill his top secret shoes. He was replaced the same day by Harvard University faculty member, Dr. George Baker.

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