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CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | The Buffalo Evening News Special 'Emergency' Edition - July 20, 1956
July 20, 1956 'Emergency Edition' of The Buffalo Evening News

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WBEN, Buffalo, NY
Announcer: Ward Fenton
Transcription: June 8, 1953
Special thanks to Daniel Gurzynski for providing this transcription to the Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers and for the label photograph.
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CD Chief OK's Special Edition

"Operation Alert," the massive nation-wide Civil Defense training exercise is now underway. This special "emergency" edition of The Buffalo Evening News, which helps lend a touch of realism to the deadly serious business of preparing for nuclear warfare, has the complete endorsement of Civil Defense officials.

"The News is to be commended for this further expression of leadership in publishing a special edition in conjunction of with 'Operation Alert.'" declared Maj. Edwin G. Zeigler, director of the Erie County Civil Defense program.

"It is the type of unstinting public service that we in the Civil Defense organization hope for but seldom get," he added.

Copies of this emergency edition were distributed to Civil Defense workers by dispatch riders operating out of the central control headquarters in Lancaster.

There's a Reason for This
Ever wonder about the importance of a newspaper in the face of a major emergency? The National Fire Protection Association included this excerpt in a complilation about the atom-bombing of Hiroshima:

"To prevent the spread of rumors and brace morale, 210,000 copies of out-of-town newspapers were brought in daily to replace the destroyed local press..."

Emergency Facilities Used to Publish News

This emergency edition of The Buffalo Evening News was compiled by a small number of News employees who escaped along with their co-workers only becuase they were off-duty or vacationing.

By a pre-arranged plan, all made their way over refugee-clogged highways to a Niagra County publishing plant, one of several specially selected for just such emergency conditions.

The News will continue to publish a daily emergency edition pending completion of arrangements to resume regular publication. Tomorrow's edition will include a 16-page supplement listing the dead and badly injured.

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