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CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | US Postal Safety Notification Cards

CONELRAD Special Projects Present ATOMIC SECRETS
Safety Notification Cards - February 1959

Complain all you want about the United States Postal Service today, they had our best interests at heart during the Cold War. The following is from a pre-recorded taped message that was to be played over the Emergency Broadcasting System before/during/after an "emergency" or "attack":
This is the United States Emergency Broadcast System with a message about emergency mail service and how it will reunite separated families. If because of the emergency you become separated from or do not know the whereabouts of family members, relatives, employers, employees, or government agencies... the Postal Service will provide the principal, and perhaps the only, means available for reestablishing such contacts. Welfare offices and post offices… which are still functioning after an attack will furnish persons whose regular post offices or home addresses are no longer usable with two types of important cards with instructions for filling them out. One is called a Safety Notification Card (Pictured); the other an Emergency Change of Address Card (Not Pictured). The Safety Notification Card should be completed and mailed promptly to the last known address of those whom it is important for you to contact... The Emergency Change of Address Card should be addressed to the Postmaster at the post office where you normally received your mail at the time of the attack, even though that post office is known to be out of operation...
—US Government Tape Recording as quoted in
by Edward Zuckerman
[Viking Press, 1984, Pg. 5]
For use ONLY in Civil Defense Emergency as indicated on reverse side - February 1959

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